We’ve been busy working on a lot of new things, including online buying options, new events, and a blog! Here are some of the changes we’re looking at bringing to our local gaming community based on feedback from players and some of our own ideas.


Online Shopping

One of the big things we wanted to do was offer buying options for gaming accessories, sealed product, and pre-orders online. We love to see you guys out at the shop, but we also want to make things like pre-ordering your favorite games easy and convenient. We’re still working on getting the online shop set up, but we already have a few things available for order, like sleeves and other accessories.


More Events

We’ve done what we can to open up gaming space at the shop. We can comfortably seat 22 people and can bring out some extra tables to fit 34. We had a full house at the last FNM and got a good idea of how many people we can seat without making things too cramped!

If we happen to run over, we can work with Schreiner to host some larger events and tournaments. We held a Magic tourney out at Schreiner Pop Con, an awesome start to a new annual event.

Right now, we’re hosting events for Magic, Dungeons & Dragons, Yu-Gi-Oh, Warhammer 40k, and there has been some interest in Pokemon and board game nights. If you have any feedback on what kind of things you’d like to see at the shop, drop us a line on Facebook! We’re always looking for feedback. You can also contact us here.


Blog Content

Whether you want to know what deck someone won with at a tournament or how to paint your next Warhammer army, we’d like to start putting up some new content on the blog. Some things you’ll see in upcoming months:

  • Deck submissions for tournament events
  • New player resources/tutorials
  • Updates/news on new games and releases
  • Reviews on our favorite games and accessories


Social Media

We’re keeping Facebook and getting on Instagram to share our photos. We don’t want to overwhelm our Facebook followers with too many posts and notifications, so if you want to see our pictures, check them out here! If you want us to put up any photos of your projects (especially photos of your painted miniatures!), send them to us here and let us know how to tag/credit you.


Online Singles Sales via TCGPlayer

We want to prioritize our local players, so despite the fact that we’re selling our inventory of singles online, you’ll still have first dibs on new cards we get in!

We’ve listed the bulk of our standard-legal collection online. In addition to displaying cards for a while before we list them online, you can still order them from TCGPlayer and choose the in-store pickup option so you can get them at your convenience.

Additionally, you can call us or message us on Facebook and ask us to hold back cards you’re interested in. We’ll hold them in store for up to 3 days.


We hope to see lots of new faces at our events as we introduce new players to games! We’ve already had a few people show up to learn Magic, D&D, and Pokemon. If you have a few minutes and would like to share any feedback on things you’d like to see (or even things you like that we’re already doing and you want to keep around), we’re easy to get in touch with! You can message us on Facebook, email us, or give us a call.